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Civil Registration as a Tool for Women's Empowerment

23 October 2018

Civil Registration as a Tool for Women's Empowerment was a technical consultation meeting, on the margins of the United Nations World Data Forum, that brought together experts on gender data, gender equality and CRVS systems, as well as international, regional, national and donor stakeholders to discuss the role that CRVS systems can play in empowering and protecting women and girls. The objective was to collect and utilize the diverse knowledge of participants to inform the development of a knowledge brief series on gender and CRVS. 

Why is this event so important?

On 26 February 2018, the Centre of Excellence and its partners hosted a high level panel and technical consultation sessions on gender and CRVS, Making the Invisible Visible: CRVS as a Basis to Meeting the 2030 Gender Agenda. The meeting was the first of its kind to focus solely on the gender dimensions of CRVS systems and the barriers that women and girls face when registering vital life events. Six months have passed since that meeting and, with hundreds descending on Dubai to discuss the role of data in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations World Data Forum presented a unique opportunity to reignite the conversations around gender and CRVS.

It also served as a soft launch of the knowledge brief series on gender and CRVS. The knowledge brief series builds on the outcomes of the February meeting, by developing, synthesizing, publishing and sharing policy and research papers on CRVS and gender, articulating the importance of CRVS systems for protecting the rights of women and girls, and monitoring progress towards global gender equality commitments. It will promote the adoption of good practices and advance the global agenda to ensure that all women and girls can experience the benefits and protections of civil registration.