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Our work

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems supports global efforts to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems. We achieve this by collaborating with organizations and experts to facilitate access to information and expertise.

Our programming pillars

We have designed our programming around four pillars to focus our efforts and leverage our expertise.

Knowledge hub — We develop, curate, and disseminate evidence and good practices through our knowledge products. We also contribute to global tools and standards.

Global and regional partnerships and engagement — We coordinate with stakeholders on a global, regional, and country level to fill gaps and add value. We engage with leading CRVS stakeholders as a partner, convenor, and presenter at events worldwide.

Country engagement and technical support — We provide and broker access to technical expertise, as well as help to build the capacity of local implementers and institutions.

Research activities — We commission and support research to address challenges in implementing and strengthening CRVS systems.

Our cross-cutting themes

The Centre’s role as a neutral broker of knowledge and expertise allows us to explore diverse themes that are important for strengthening CRVS systems. We have a particular focus on the following themes: