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Our services

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems aims to make information and expertise about civil registration and vital statistics systems easy to access for everyone, everywhere. We serve as a knowledge hub for the global community.

Our services include:

  • Library & learning, our free online resource centre, which offers curated CRVS documents, videos, and tools—including terms and definitions.
  • Directory of experts for governments, development practitioners, and others seeking expertise in support of their CRVS efforts.
  • Technical assistance for countries working on the CRVS components of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health investment cases—offered through our partnership with the Global Financing Facility.

How we work

We partner with expert groups to gather and share learning and relevant good practices for strengthening CRVS systems, including:

  • CRVS systems research – We support research that identifies opportunities, lessons learned, and successful experiences in designing and strengthening CRVS systems. This means documenting promising experiences for effectively linking universal registration with the timely production of vital statistics, and generating evidence to address challenges.  
  • Knowledge sharing – We curate tools, standards and eLearning materials, document successful experiences strengthening CRVS systems, and look for ways to make these easily available through our Resource Library and other channels. For example, see our interactive map to learn more about CRVS systems in countries of interest, or register for the CRVS eLearning course available through the World Bank's Open Learning Campus.
  • Engagement and exchange – We work with the CRVS community of practice at the global, regional, and country levels to support ongoing initiatives and to identify and communicate successful experiences for strengthening CRVS systems.
  • Investment case guidance – We help governments develop and implement CRVS priorities within the framework of their reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health investment cases. Our aim is to assist eligible countries leverage the Global Financing Facility to strengthen CRVS systems as a strategy to plan and monitor health improvements.

Where we work

The Centre of Excellence is a global public good.

The knowledge products and research evidence we produce or contribute to are available to everyone – free of charge – through our Resource Library. We also encourage other expert groups to share their CRVS resources with us so that we can help share these as widely as possible.

Country-level technical assistance

At the country level, we tailor our technical assistance support to governments working with the Global Financing Facility. Accurate, real-time data generated from a well-functioning CRVS system is critical for planning and monitoring health improvements, giving countries a powerful tool for achieving results. Our role is to broker access to expert advice and guidance to help eligible countries plan, develop, and implement CRVS priorities within the framework of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health investment cases.

All requests for technical assistance are channeled through the Global Financing Facility Secretariat by the governments of eligible countries. Please visit the Global Financing Facility website for more information.