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CRVS eLearning course

This free course is hosted on the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus. It is offered in two formats:

  • Basic-level certificate
    This self-paced course comprises three modules. Enrollment is open, and you can finish at any time.
  • Advanced-level certificate
    After completing the first three compulsory modules and receiving the basic-level certificate, you may register for the 10 more advanced modules. This course is virtually guided by international experts and must be completed in six weeks.

Each module includes information on a specific aspect of CRVS systems, country examples from around the world, self-tests, interactive exercises, and a downloadable version of the content.

Course module topics include:

  • Importance of CRVS systems
  • Overview of CRVS systems
  • Institutional arrangements of CRVS systems
  • Legal framework of CRVS systems
  • Birth registration and adoption
  • Death registration
  • Marriage and divorce registration
  • Analysis and use of vital statistics
  • Presentation and dissemination of vital statistics
  • CRVS digitization
  • CRVS assessment and strategic planning
  • Identity management systems
  • Refugees, internally displaced persons, stateless persons, and CRVS systems

Enrollment information and facilitated course dates are available on the registration page of the Open Learning Campus website.

This comprehensive CRVS eLearning course is brought to you by the Global CRVS Group (which comprises several organizations) and the World Bank Group Open Learning Campus, in partnership with the Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance.


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Woman working at her computer with an open book beside her. Photo credit: Mia Harbitz

This course is hosted externally on the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus. To register, you will need to create a personal profile with the World Bank’s member portal. You will be asked to share the following information: email address, given name, surname, country, and to create a password. Information you provide will be stored in a secure World Bank Group directory which is hosted by a third party provider (Microsoft).