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At the launch of a vital registration campaign in Ethiopia in 2016, a father registers the birth of his child. A female registrar records the details on an official form. Photo credit: UNICEF Ethiopia/Sewunet

Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems

We support global efforts to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems. We do so by collaborating with organizations and experts to facilitate access to information and expertise, including global standards, tools, research evidence, and good practice.
Our purpose? To make knowledge readily available for countries aiming to develop, strengthen, and scale-up their national civil registration system and improve their vital statistics reporting.

Unlocking Gender Equality

Together with our partners, we are committed to highlighting the importance of CRVS systems for achieving gender equality. Equally important is bringing visibility to the gendered dimensions of CRVS systems. We need to understand the ways in which gender mediates the experience and outcomes of CRVS systems, overcome barriers to civil registration, and ensure that CRVS systems provide real-time data (disaggregated by sex, geographic location, and other locally relevant characteristics) so that development policies can address the challenges facing vulnerable groups, including women and girls.
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