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Thai Civil Registration and Vital Statistics and Unique Identification Number Systems for Universal Health Coverage: A Case Study

The Thai civil registration (CR) system was established two centuries ago. Over the past four decades, the system has changed from a manual, paper-based registration system to a centralized, electronic, online system. A unique identification number (UIN) system was implemented in 1982, along with a computerized CR database system. The Thai citizen identification card has evolved along with the two systems from a paper card to an integrated circuit–chip smart card. All provincial-, district-, and municipality-level registration offices are linked online to the central CR system database. Thailand’s vital statistics (VS) system has improved since 1996, when the CR system began feeding electronic birth and death data directly into the VS management system. VS reports are now up to date, of good quality, and available for use by any agency that needs them.

Pannarunothai, Supasit; Kijsanayotin, Boonchai; Mills, Samuel Lantei
World Bank Group
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Discussion paper
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