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We’ve launched the second Knowledge Brief on Gender and CRVS

Empowering women and girls with civil registration
Photo: Tommy Trenchard

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems has launched its second Knowledge Brief on Gender and CRVS, published in partnership with Open Data Watch (ODW).

These papers are authored by experts in the field of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems. They build on topics and questions raised in the first brief to offer knowledge, case studies, strategies, and best practices for strengthening CRVS systems.

You can download the introductory editorial and the four papers here: 

Why we’ve published these papers

CRVS systems are essential to achieving better living standards for all by protecting human rights, empowering individuals, and promoting sustainable development. Women and children can benefit most from CRVS systems, yet they face the highest barriers to access.

We therefore recognize the importance of assessing, building, and strengthening CRVS systems through a gender lens. This is a critical step to ensuring everyone counts and is counted.

Our Knowledge Brief Series on Gender and CRVS aim to give CRVS stakeholders – including international development organizations, researchers, and governments – the tools to drive change and ensure women and children across the globe are protected, provided for, and empowered.

Learn more about gender equality and CRVS systems.