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New video series on CRVS systems

A smiling woman registers a vital event with the authorities while other people sit at a bench and wait their turn.
Photo credit: World Bank/Mohammad Al-Arief

Expert Talks: Understanding civil registration and vital statistics systems is a series of 22 short interviews with CRVS experts from around the world. They explain what CRVS systems are, how they help governments and people alike, and why improving CRVS systems matters. 

The videos also explore strategies different countries are using. For example, learn how Cambodia cleared a civil registration backlog by providing free, time-bound registration. Hear how verbal autopsies in India helped to inform decision-making in healthcare, or how the Philippines and Thailand made changes to increase access for vulnerable populations.

Developed by the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems, the videos are all available in English and French.

Watch the videos here.