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New release: CRVS & COVID-19 in Africa Series

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems and UNCEA are pleased to announce the launch of our new CRVS and COVID-19 series highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on CRVS systems and documenting good and innovative practices for facilitating the continuous and universal registration of vital events in Africa. These innovative approaches are mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the performance of civil registration systems and are supporting the generation of data for health surveillance during a health crisis. The purpose is to inspire and guide efforts to enhance the functioning of CRVS systems during emergencies.

First papers released

Read the first three technical briefs and browse the webinar presentations from this learning series here. Also, find the following papers available online now: 

Other papers in the series will be released in the coming weeks. These will be shared on this page and can also be found in the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems Resource Library. Coming soon: 

  • Synthesis Brief: Building resiliency in emergencies through digital civil event notifications and services
  • Technical Brief: Rwanda
  • Technical Brief: Burkina Faso

Webinar video recordings coming soon