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Gender data and civil registration: the path to equality

15 May 2019

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems brought together experts in CRVS, gender equality, and data to IDRC in Ottawa for a thought-proving conversation about how CRVS systems can promote gender equality and sustainable development. The objectives of the panel were to discuss links between CRVS systems, gender equality and the sustainable development goals (SDGs); explore barriers, challenges, and potential solutions; and consider gender dimensions of CRVS systems.

This event was part of IDRC’s Gender Speaker Series, which aims to showcase the work of thought leaders and create a space where people working toward gender equality can share knowledge.

The well-attended event was moderated by Montasser Kamal from IDRC and the speakers included Deidre Appel from Open Data Watch, Eleanor Carey from Data 2X and Sandile Simenale from UNFPA. Arjan de Haan from IDRC offered opening and closing remarks.

Why was this event so important?

Many women and girls across the world are invisible. Their births, deaths, and marriages are going unregistered and uncounted. This prevents them from exercising their basic rights – as well as putting them at risk of poverty, gender-based violence, and early marriage. We can give women and girls visibility through effective CRVS systems. But we cannot achieve this until we understand the barriers better, particularly within a country’s political and cultural context.

The insightful discussion highlighted the intersections of CRVS, gender and the SDGs, and the importance of CRVS systems to address current data gaps globally. This event was also an opportunity to share how the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems is helping close the knowledge gap by publishing its new knowledge brief series on gender and CRVS. This series will provide crucial support to CRVS stakeholders – helping them raise awareness, adopt good practice, and inspire action.

Watch the proceedings

The panel session was recorded live in English and French.