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Compendium of Good Practices in Linking Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) and Identity Management Systems

Legal identity is the basis for realizing many basic rights and opportunities. Yet 1 billion people worldwide cannot prove their legal identity. This leaves them more vulnerable to poverty, statelessness, exploitation, and abuse. A strong CRVS system is the foundation for reliable identity management. The only way to capture up-to-date identity characteristics is to register vital events – including birth, marriage, divorce, and death – for a country’s entire population. This is critical for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring no one is left behind.

Several chapters shed light on the experiences of six countries that have pursued a holistic approach to CRVS and identity management systems: Armenia; Ecuador; Kyrgyzstan; Namibia; the Netherlands; and Peru. A synthesis chapter compiles good practices from all six countries and distills the key lessons learned. It also provides evidence on the benefits of a holistic approach, including improved governance and cost savings.

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